The Icons Exact Replicas™

ver since the very early beginnings, Orthodox Christian Art builds on a solid Greco-Roman tradition but moves away from the classical goal of realism into the realm of spirituality; figures are transcending the physical world and the notion of natural beauty is replaced by the quest to depict virtue, faith and holiness. Nonetheless, the refined beauty of the pictures overwhelms and captivates all souls.

Seeking to replicate the spirituality and artistic value of Orthodox Icons with maximum respect and fidelity, the group of publishers, artists and engineers created the Exact Replicas™ process; using top technology and modern day tools, in an environmentally friendly process, the historic icons are reproduced as close as possible to the originals.

The process starts with a top quality high resolution scan of a master, which is then processed and scaled down to desired dimensions; after that, the artwork it is printed directly-to-wood on the substrate (and not in paper), by a state-of-the art digital printers, using a wide gamut color base for maximum color fidelity. While being printed direct-to-wood, with high quality inks, the substrate is treated with Ultra-Violet light microexposure, leading to instant polymerization of the inks. Printing direct-to-wood creates an icon with far better reliability than pictures printed on paper which is then glued on to the wood - suffice to say that a simple scratch can tear the paper, while paper has minimal tolerence to water and sunlight.Gold and silver plating is accomplished by modern thermal embossing machines, which thermo-coats a film of gold or silver direct-to-wood with excellent long term endurance. The end result is a painting with maximum reliability and longevity which easily exceeds traditional handmade icons. 

The ultimate quality to the collection of Icons Exact Replicas™ makes them perfect to decorate any personal or professional environment.